At Balcony Tea we source only the finest ingredients from across the Mediterranean. Many of our herbs grow in the wild and are harvested by families and small communities who have the very best knowledge of flavours and traditional health benefits.

Each carefully selected herb is then processed under the necessary European Standards to ensure each tea experience is to the highest quality. We pride ourselves on knowing we can trace our ingredients back to their roots.

Also many of our herbs have been traditionally treasured for generations due to their health benefits.
Greek Mountain Tea – The best-kept Mediterranean secret: a true ‘wonder herb’.
Aniseed – Delicately aromatic, widely used as a digestive.
Apple Pieces & Flavour – Fruity goodness.
Calendula Petals – A beautiful splash of sunshine yellow.
Chamomile – Treasured for its relaxing properties.
Hibiscus – A colourful blossom with a delicious tangy taste.
Juniper Berries – For a light pine aroma.
Lavender – The ultimate in luxurious relaxation.
Lemon Balm – To help you feel relaxed and refreshed.
Lemon Peel – For a zesty vitamin boost.
Lemon Verbena – Bursting with lemon flavour.
Lime Flower – Traditionally used to boost immunity.
Olive Leaves – A Mediterranean immunity-boosting treasure.
Orange blossom – Deliciously fragrant with delicate floral honeyed notes.
Orange peel – Beautifully aromatic with a true Mediterranean feel.
Peppermint – Cooling and balancing. Thought to aid digestion.
Rose Petals – Beautifully fragrant with exquisite flavour.
Rosehips – Rich in Vitamin C with a subtle, fruity flavour.
Rosemary – A wonderfully flavoursome Mediterranean favourite, thought to improve circulation and concentration.
Spearmint – Tingling and refreshing.
Sunflower petals – A ray of sunshine in your cup for a true experience of the Mediterranean.
Wild Thyme – Our thyme is wild-harvested in the Mediterranean to ensure its intense aroma and taste. The Romans believed Thyme to be a mood enhancer. My family used to drink it whenever we were feeling under the weather.

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