About Us

Balcony Tea is independent, family run Brighton based premium tea business which aims to bring you the bliss of the Mediterranean in every cup.

Balcony tea is inspired by our memories of a healthy and happy Mediterranean lifestyle. We both grew up in the Mediterranean region and have fond memories of collecting herbs in the sunny valleys surrounded by family. These frequent trips gave us a detailed understanding of the flavours and health benefits that each herb contains.

We moved to the UK and have embraced the British tea culture but have also noticed the recent movement towards more adventurous infusions. We found ourselves constantly reminiscing about perfect evenings spent on our warm balconies in the Mediterranean sipping on the beautiful local teas. When we tried to re-create these Mediterranean memories we found that although you can buy teas from remote and exotic places there were hardly any infusions of Mediterranean origin. This is how Balcony Tea was born.

We promise to ethically source and select the finest Mediterranean ingredients, by working closely with small communities within our home region. This insures that the timeless knowledge of flavours and traditional therapeutic benefits of the Mediterranean are incorporated into every infusion.

For us quality is paramount, so we work with British expert tea blenders and manufacturers to ensure that every tea leaf is the best it can possibly be. Whether loose or conveniently packaged in silky, bio-degradable pyramids we can guarantee, you the tea drinker, the best possible Mediterranean experience.


Lana & Miri Nela
Founders, Balcony Tea


Nela Tea House Ltd, 86 St. Leonards Road, Hove, BN3 4QS.


01273 422386