Last week we travelled to Albania to look for new herb harvest for our Balcony tea. We believe that sourcing directly from the remote Mediterranian villages is a key of why Balcony tea is so good . We promise to delivery carefully selected ingredients with outstanding qualities so we can really bring the best of Mediterranian to you cup . 


We started our trip very early in the morning in a small village of Koplik just outside Shkoder and headed up to the mountains – Albanian Alp .  


Thyme is in season now and we met with some local women who cultivate and collect thyme on their land

    This thyme was gorgeous but is more suitable for the spice mix not for a tea blend . We wanted to find a truly lemony flavours and the best thyme grow wild and of course on a higher attitude . So we took off again . The scenery around us was spectacular and literally with no traffic around we stoped in another small village and took a walk.

     And we found it – the perfect wild thyme in bloom growing on 2000 m above the sea just outside Theth . Thyme chai went to its route . It’s finally time for a Breakfast on the Balcony.

balcony tea is available Online , Amazon, Selfridges and many other independent stores in UK