Mountain Bliss Pyramids


This blend is inspired by flavours and aromas that bring back childhood memories of walks through Mediterranean valleys. An invigorating blend of green tea, sweet apple and mountain herbs.

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Do you need a moment out of a busy day? This blend is invigorating and fruity. Every sip is a tasting journey from intense and smoky, to sweet and delicate. We use high quality Chinese green tea and a bouquet of incredible Mediterranean herbs and fruits. The best of the Orient meets the best of the Mediterranean in this wonderful blend.

Ingredients: Chinese Green tea, Greek Mountain Tea, Juniper Berries, Wild. Thyme,  Apple Pieces & Natural Flavour, Olive Leaves, Calendula petals

Aroma: Fruity and herbaceous
Appearance: Light yellow-green
Taste: Light, refreshing, fruity
Complement: Crudités with hummus. Light sandwiches.

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Cold Brew: 1/3 strong hot brew, 2/3 iced water, add fresh fruits



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